For CHEVROLET Cruze Angel Eyes LED Head Lamp V6 Type

For CHEVROLET Cruze Angel Eyes LED Head Lamp V6 Type



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[Angel Eyes Head Lamp LED Light]  
[Angel Eyes Head Lamp LED Light]  
 CHEVROLET Cruze Angel Eyes LED Headlight A8 New Style  V6 Type
1. All these headlamps have the same connections and wires with the original car. It is easy install. It is play and plug.
2. All these head lamps we carry currently are installed with a Halogen light bulb in its high beam;and there is no light bulb in its low beam, because the manufacturer leaves that options to the buyers.And they can choose to install with Halogen light bulb or HID Xenon light bulb.
3. The Low Beam Bulb Type: H7/D2H Model; The High Beam Bulb Type: H1 Model.
This item is one pair :Left lamp and Right Lamp. 
[HID Xenon Light Characteristics]
1 Color of luminosity:
The way of producing light of traditional halogen head lamp is through heating the tungsten filament in the light bulb by electric current. Usually its color temperature is 3200K; And the light beam of HID Xenon light is produced by high-pressure magnetic field exciting inert gas Xenon, thus causing light emisson. And its color te

Cheap lamp specification, Buy Quality lamp par directly from China lamp fountain Suppliers: For CHEVROLET Cruze Angel Eyes LED Head Lamp V6 Type

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